The Eco Thermo Coat character

High transparency

It can be used several place. But it applied condition keeps design unchanged
Transparency condition

High thermal barrier capability

High energy-saving effect and cost down electricity expense.

Lower cost

Cost is about 1/6 of Low-E glass and about 1/3 of thermal barrier film (Japanese price).

This coated glass is maintained cost efficiency.

Water based fluid

Application work environment is well.
This coated glass is applied various low resistance to solvents materials (e.g. plastics).

Safety material

This coated glass is maintained cost efficiency.

Natural seasoning

This coating fluid can dry out by natural seasoning.
It can apply on several non thermally-resistant materials (e.g. plastics).

High decay durability

This coated film is not incorruptible water.
Maximum pencil hardness is 4H

Easy application

Application is easy.

Can be film peeling

Coated film is able to peel off easily with an exclusive use remover (solvent type fluid).